Nursing in public can be a little tricky at times or having to leave the room in order to get some privacy, the Peekeboo nursing cover can lend a hand.

Peekeboo nursing covers allow you to not only nurse anywhere and at any time discreetly, but they also allow you to breastfeed in style. So how does it work. The Peekeboo nursing cover has a rigid neckline so that mum can keep an eye on baby throughout the nursing process. The unique neck strap is adjustable so that the breastfeeding mum can adjust the cover to the perfect length. They come in various colours and are made of 100% cotton. They also all come with their own draw string bag which can be used for afterwards for a number of things e.g soiled clothes, toys. One size fits most breastfeeding mums.

Encourage breastfeeding so mums can feed anywhere, anytime in any situation or surrounding without feeling anxious

  • They slip over any outfit to allow a mum to nurse in comfort and style.
  • Easily fits into any diaper bag or purse for mums who are on the go.
  • Lightweight and breathable, can act as a sun shade while nursing outside.
  • Blocks out stimulation so that baby can concentrate on breastfeeding.

Have to pump on the go? Mums can use the Peekeboo Nursing Cover to discreetly pump in the car, at the office or anywhere needed.

Instant canopy for your stroller, car seat or bassinet: Too much sun, wind or just need to block out the world from baby so they can sleep? Lightly place the nursing cover on any stroller, car seat, or bassinet to block out sun, wind, cold, and noise.

You may be looking for the perfect baby shower /new mum gift or simply looking for a something little yourself if planning to or are breastfeeding...this is IT!